Sunday, May 24, 2015

Triad of Truth

I felt the pull of the ocean today when I awoke. I could tell from behind the curtain that it was a balmy morning, just like the ones on my first mornings in this place two years ago. Back then, I walked to the beach every morning with a cup of tea to bask in the beauty of my new home and let the salty air cleanse my head and sinuses. That's what I did this morning. I swore when I moved here I would never take my proximity to the ocean for granted...that I would visit her every day. Of course, one only makes promises like that when they know how easy it is to slip away from the novelty of a thing.

But this morning it was novel again and that familiar scent of the sea and the balmy air took me back to a sense of gratitude and awe. And now, this place is truly my home. In fact, it is the true home I began my search for when I awoke in 2011. In these two years, I have begun a journey toward my true purpose and even found true love. This triad of truth is the outline of an intention I set back in 2011 when I began this journey...this journey to truth and authenticity.

I sat on a large piece of driftwood this morning, drinking my tea and breathing deeply the ocean air. I thought back to the beginning of my time here. I worked hard; my body was so tired from acclimating to standing occupations. But I was creative and liberated and living in that space of full appreciation for all that it took to get me to this place.

I have come so far and built so much since then. Two years have gone by in the blink of an eye. It is scary when everything you've been working and wishing for begins to become your reality. It certainly hasn't been easy and, it's sort of unbelievable sometimes. I have moments of fear, wondering when the bottom is going to drop out of this dream come truth. But when you build a house with a strong foundation, the bones of your home will be strong...I should rest easy, knowing that what I have built here has the most solid foundation and that the bones of my existence hold the strength of my truth.

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