Monday, July 8, 2013

My Question to Buddha

I’d like to expand on the idea that there is freedom in letting go.  Freedom from attachment I suppose, means freedom from the potential for pain and of suffering.  But my question to Buddha would be, what is a life free from the highs and lows of attachment?  What is a life free of emotion?  How can one experience overwhelming joy without first experiencing the throes of despair?  That is life.  That is the living part; the feelings and the pain and the peace.  It is the awesome and the awful that we all keep coming back for time after time.  Loss after loss, we crave that rush of possibility and ride that euphoric wave as long as we can before it inevitably drowns back down into the sea and we wait for another to build and carry us home.  It’s a continuous cycle of reinvention; of living many lives within one lifetime.  The presence of any being, no matter how temporary, who brings us through a cycle of life is a beautiful manifestation and gift.  Perhaps in gratitude for this we can put away the pain of loss.  To have the opportunity to know these kinds of connections broadens the scope of what’s possible.  

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